Time Well Spent

Well it’s been a while since my last blog, I’ve had lot of changes in the last month. I’ve recently started working again (yay me!) But now I’m no longer a stay home dad so I must admit being gone from my kids all day is a huge adjustment but the time apart makes me appreciate the time we have together. The best part about stay home father experience is the bond I made with my kids something some dad’s never get a chance to see. I encourage all dad’s no matter how busy you are, make time for your kids even if it’s once a week where you turn the cell phones off,  and give them ALL of your attention.  Don’t be afraid to show affection either little boys too, they need to know what love looks like from a male perspective, not just the love that mom shows them. It just maybe what’s missing from a lot of our children today who seem troubled. Just remember becoming a parent is a gift wanted or not wanted.  Respect it because it’s a great responsibility that a lot of people aren’t blessed with. In closing I just want to say thanks to everyone who have motivated me to become a bit more consistent with Dad Swagg I hope you all stay along for the journey, new blog every Wednesday (or early morning Thursday,  I got kids lol) and your input or ideas are definitely wanted and needed.

Much Love,
Big Nate a.k.a. Dad Swagg


Happy 4th of July


Since I am an American Dad first and foremost I would like to say Happy 4th, today is a great day in history, it’s independence day! But don’t think Will Smith (although it was a great movie). Today you reflect on the facts that you have freedom to choose and freedom to become whom you want to be. I was so greatful to have a chance to chat with a few dads today and watch families out and about mingling and enjoying eachother, thats one great thing about holidays. They remind us of the big picture. Choose family first, if you dont have a big family choose your kids first, they are the important ones. Sometimes work, chores, practice, etc. get in the way of the big picture, excercise your freedom to he together as much as possible, even if you have to plan it, kids only get one childhood so make it the best memories. Make the choice to be a great father, mentoring, loving disciplinarian our kids need that.

The Beginnings of Something Great!

Ever since this new journey of Dad Swagg I’ve noticed a change me personally and I can only thank you, yes you if your reading this you are the reason I still try to progress with Dad Swagg as a whole. Fatherhood seems to be missing or just not recognized in my opinion. Since becoming a father biggest thought that often sits in the rear of my cranium is, ” how come moms can meet and exchange info to associate but Dad’s rarely even think to say hi to each other?” I always thought something was weird about it, honestly most guys don’t ask others to hang out, that could be a main reason why we don’t step outside of ourselves to speak. However lately approaching other dads seems to be almost effortless and to be honest enjoyable for myself as I am starting to meet some pretty awesome Dad’s out there similar to myself, knowing your not alone is always a plus, that’s whats Dad Swagg is all about, showing pride in fatherhood, saluting each other and most importantly coming together to show how important we are in our child’s lives. Who knows together we might change the world! If we’re lucky maybe Father’s Day will be almost as big as Mother’s Day ha ha might be pushing it there. If your in the Orlando area make sure you find us on Meet Up to join the social group http://www.meetup.com/Dad-MomSwagg and check the links for Facebook and Twitter to join in on conversations or even make some suggestions! Well stay tuned as always , big things on the horizon!

It’s Been A Long Time

It’s been a while since I have posted anything in the blog, my personal life has kept me plenty busy these days. Being a stay home father really doesn’t give much time considering your always know duty. Best part of course is the fact that I get to be a close roll model to my sons which some parents never get that chance. Enough about me though just happy that you all stuck around anxious if your new I would like to say welcome! Grab a seat maybe some popcorn and enjoy the ride, feel free to comment or throw suggestions that you would like to speak about. This blog is a fun place to hang out get a laugh, advice who knows! Well don’t forget it’s Mother’s Day May 13th so please remember to tell your spouse,  mom,  whomever to enjoy their special day because without them we wouldn’t exist. Thanks for reading,  God Bless

Kids, Poop and Growing Up lol

So as some may know I just had another son July 16th, he has been keeping my wife and I very busy however I love the connection I have with him already. The feeding times and late night diaper changes have been nuts but seeing his face makes it all worth while. I do have one complaint though, my almost three year old is in the process of being potty trained but since he isn’t exactly a newborn anymore his bowel movements are manly to say the least. To make it worse if both boys have a rough diaper change it could make you loose your lunch lol. I can’t complain much though they are both great kids and I couldn’t ask for more. Guess I just need to get the big boy potty trained, I have read a few articles and forums on the subject but so far no luck, I will however keep trying and pray for the best. Feel free to leave input and to the fathers expecting a new little one its not that bad and its really how you take it. I have learned to breath and move forward one step at a time cause ultimately children learn when they are ready.